Senior Club 2022-23 Registration: (Aug’22)

Club registration & subscription for the 2022-23 season will be through the Spond App.  We would ask all Senior Club members (including new members wishing to join) to log into the Spond App – this will be the primary method of communication & subscription payments.

If you have not got a Spond Account then please use the links below to sign up:

Men’s section:

Ladies’ section:

Senior Hockey Welcome Pack (pdf download)

Junior Club 2022-23 Registration: (Sept’22)

We have now completed registration from our existing junior members (2021-22 season) and are working through the Waiting List for new members and making contact where places are available.  This is taking time so please bear with us.

If your child is an existing member please ensure your Spond app is up to date, you have accepted any new groups and notifications are turned on.

As always, places are dependent on the number of coaches who make themselves available and therefore places will need to be capped.   If you are interested in coaching or helping the coaches please let us know as the more coaches we have the more members we can facilitate.

If you wish your child to be added to the waiting list please email detailing your child’s name & age.

You can follow the club on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter – simply search Bangor Hockey Club.

Junior Hockey Welcome Pack (pdf download)